Welcome to the Ally File Transformer Tool

As a student you may find yourself reviewing course documents on a mobile device. Learning in the digital world can take place on various devices and unique situations. The File Transformer Tool helps you to personalize your learning experience by converting your course files into alternative formats that fit your needs, devices, and learning preferences.

You can simply upload a digital file and select a desired file format, including mobile-friendly HTML, audio MP3, ePub, electronic Braille, and Beeline Reader.

Why would this be helpful to you? Perhaps your syllabus is in a Word Document format. You can convert the file into PDF or listen to the file with audio MP3. You can also save the syllabus on your phone as an ePub in your eBooks mobile appliation. In some situations you may find it useful to convert your file into electronic Braille and share this format with others.

File Transformer Alternative Formats Student FAQs